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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – I have had a car wreck. Why is the insurance adjustor asking me for a recorded statement?

Many times when an injured party attempts to set up a car wreck claim, the insurance adjuster will likely ask or just tell the injured party that their conversation maybe recorded. Then usually the insurance adjuster will start asking questions. It is very important that you realize that the insurance company is using this recorded statement to determine their liability. Any uncertainty on your part can open a opportunity for the insurance company to cross examine the injured party and attempt to either reduce their liability or to eliminate it all together.

Everyone who has been home during the mornings around 10:00 AM you start seeing commercial for personal injury attorneys. One of their biggest messages is, “call our office before you contact the insurance company”. That way, the possibilities of a recorded statement can be reduced or in some cases eliminated.

It is very important to realize often times your insurance company may have provisions in your insurance policy which requires you to provide your automobile insurance company a recorded statement. If you refuse they may have the ability to refuse coverage. Insurance policies vary so if you are in an car wreck and do not know what information you need to look at, contact my office for free. I am an Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer and I have dedicated my law practice to helping people who have received injuries from car wrecks, call me at 770-948-5454 so that my office can help you before you contact the insurance company.

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