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Altanta Personal Injury Attorney – What is medical payments coverage?

One of the first questions I ask clients when they ask me about medical care and how they are going to pay for their medical care, is do you have medical payments coverage?

Often times I get a response like my insurance agent says I am fully covered. Yet when investigating coverage often times medical payments coverage is not listed on their policy.

Medical payments coverage is insurance you purchase through your automobile insurance carrier. You can purchase it in amounts from $500.00 to $50,000.00. You might can purchase in amounts higher than $50,000.00, I have yet to come accross anything higher than that amount. If you are then injured in an autombile crash, and you have medical payments coverage, that would be your primary coverage before you use any other form of health insurance.

Medical payments coverage is usually quite affordable, you need to speak with your insurance agent if you are curious as to cost. I tell you from my experience medical payments coverage is often the thing that allows clients to get treatment if they can not pay for medical care up front.

Keep in mind often times when you are in an serious car crash, you usually can not work so that is not the time to say, well I can use my next pay check to pay for care. Once you are at that point it is too late.

Medical payments coverage has saved many families the hassle of wondering how they were going to afford medical treatment when a loved one was not able to work due to his/her injuries. Look into it today. Hopefully you will never need it but if you do you will be glad you have it.

If you have suffered an injury and are unsure how to proceed, call me the Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney at 770-948-5454. Let me use my experience in car wrecks to help you move through this unpleasant time as quickly as possible.

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