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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – How do I get medical care if I do not have health insurance?

In Atlanta, we have our share of auto accidents, and our share of non fatal injuries. The first question an injured person who has been relased from the hospital and is cleared of any life threatening issues, is How do I get medical care if I do not have health insurance? Recently there was an article which was published on, where they provided several examples of where to attempt to seek medical care. The article is titled Uninsured Can Still Find Good Health Care.

Anyone who has been injured should start with these resources. Depending on the type of injury and the serious nature of medical care needed, sometimes it can be as simple as asking. Ask the hospital staff if you are taken to the hospital. As you are relased ask the staff, do you know where I can seek treatment with no health insurance? If you have a primary care physician, follow up with them and ask what you can do to the medical care you need.

It boils down to diligence, if you are hurting you will find a way to get treatment even it requires signing medical liens. A medical lien is a legal document you sign promising to pay the doctor for the medical care. This allows you to get the treatment you need now to get you back to work and then once you are back at work you can start paying the doctor back. If you have personal injury claim, you would agree to pay the doctor back from the settlement.

As you can imagine there are not a lot doctors willing to treat patients on a lien. In fact there are not a lot of doctors who will treat patients who have been involved in a auto accident. The reasons for this vary, but one big reason is the doctors do not wish to take a gamble on being paid in the future, or spend extra cost attempting to collect money from you when they can just refuse to treat you and only take on patients that either have health insurance or will pay cash in advance.

Clearly this puts people who need medical care the most at risk for not getting it, and it creates a system where people with money get treatment and the people without do not.

The fact it if you are diligent in your efforts to seek treatment you will get the treatment you need. Remember if you are injured while an attorney will represent you to the best of his/her abilities, they do not experience the pain and suffering you do so it is imperative that you are an active part in any treatment you seek along with the help of an attorney.

Other areas of affordable sources to help pay for medical bills would be medical payments coverage through your automobile insurance. Once you have a wreck it is too late. So check on it today.

If you are in need of an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney, call my office at 770-948-5454 today, to see if I can help you in this difficult time.

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