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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – What do I do if my car is hit by a driver who flees the scene?

If you are involved in a car crash and the other driver flees the scene on foot or does what is commonly called a “hit and run”, you have options. You may not have as many options as you would if the driver had done the right thing and stayed at the scene, but the first thing is if you are not injured and can get out of your car you want to do the best you can to get a description of the driver and the car. Every bit of information helps.

If there are witnesses it would benefit you greatly to ask them if they could describe the driver and vehicle which was involved in the accident. A common mistake is the police do not always get the witnesses at the scene because they often can not wait for the police to arrive due to work schedules and other obligations.

Call an attorney to investigate and attempt to help the police find the at fault driver. Some evidence may be destroyed such any details of any issues of alcohol and/or drug use may not be present by the time the police are able to locate the driver if they can. But ever descriptive detail you or the witnesses can provide the police will help them in their attempts to locate the at fault driver.

If it is determined that the at fault driver can not be found, then you will need to follow through with an uninsured motorist claim with your insurance carrier if you have that coverage. If you would like more information on uninsured motorist coverage please click on this link.

You may only have a couple of days after any car crash to notify your insurance company, so it is probably best to contact an attorney find out what you legal rights are and what information you should provide and what information you do not need to supply as it may not be related to this matter.

If you find yourself in this position please do not hesitate to contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawywer at 770-948-5454!

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