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What should I look for in a Personl Injury Attorney?

If you have been injured in a car crash in Georgia, you may be asking yourself how do I determine what makes a good personal injury attorney? Chances are this is your first accident, and you do not know where to turn or what to look for in an attorney.

If you watch television or thumb through the “Attorney” section of the yellow pages, you are probably more confused than ever. Very few lawyer ads say anything that would help you make a decision as to if they are the right attorney for you.

Let me make few recommendations about what to look for and what to ask any attorney during their “free consultation”.

1. Will they take the time to explain the personal injury claims process?

2. Will they explain the litigation process (different then the claims process?

3. Will they explain their fees and expenses? What is the difference?

4. Will they provide you with a copy of the Errors and Omissions insurance policy?

5. Are they in good standing with the Georgia Bar Association? (The Georgia Bar will need to provide this information to you.

6. Have they handled a personal injury case before?

7. Do they have a history with personal injury cases?

8. What other areas of law to they practice?

9. What are their initial concerns about your claim?

10. How many other cases do to they have?

11. Do they work with any doctors? Can they refer you to any doctors? This is a trick question. If they say yes, you should thank them for their time and leave.

12. Can they recommend other qualified personal injury attorneys? What is important is your representation of your claim. No attorney is right for everyone and if they are pressuring you to sign a contract with them, once again thank them for their time and leave.

You must be comfortable with the attorney who represents you on your personal injury claim. If you are not, you will regret it. Before you speak with any insurance company or attorney, contact my office and request my free report on the Seven Dangers that can damage your injury claim. There is no obligation. It will provide you with tons of helpful information in what you should be concerned about for your car crash claim before you make the irreversible mistake.

Call my office today at 770-948-5454.

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