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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Who Is Going To Pay For My Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, and are seriously hurt to the point where you can not return to work, you have to be thinking, who is going to pay for my medical care and all the bills?

A common myth is that the at-fault insurance company will.  Unfortunately that is just not true.  The at-fault insurance company will not pay anything until first, they agree that their insured is at-fault.  This is no slam dunk. And they will only pay after all treatment is finished.

If the at-fault insurance company accepts one hundred percent liability or fault for the car wreck, they will only settle up to the amount they are contracted for.  In other words, the at-fault driver pays for insurance coverage, the coverage will determine what the insurance limits are and what the insurance company will have to consider settling your claim or what their exposure is if a law suit is filed.  The insurance company will not close your claim without full knowledge of your injuries unless it clearly passes their limits of coverage.

Therefore, if you are seriously injured, you should use your health insurance if you have it.  If you do not have health insurance you have to find a way to get medical care by paying out of pocket or you will have to make other arraignments to receive medical care such as a medical lien or medical payments insurance coverage through your automobile insurance policy.

If you need help in determining who will pay for your medical you should look online as there are many services that will take a lien on your medical care, and once you have completed your treatment they will take payment from any settlement or verdict.

What you should not do is go to any attorney who will recommend you to a doctor; this is a major red flag in a personal injury matter.  If you contact an attorney and they tell you they have a doctor they want to you to see, run far, far away because this can be extremely dangerous to the credibility of your claim.

If you would like more information regarding this topic please contact my office at 770-948-5454 for a special free report – The Seven Dangers That Can Destroy Your Car Accident Claim.

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