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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Do I Need An Attorney For My Savannah Georgia Car Accident Claim?

You’re involved in a Car Accident in the Savannah….Do you need an attorney?

This is probably the most important question that someone who is involved in a claim should ask themselves.  The fact of the matter is you do not need an attorney in every car wreck claim.  I repeat, you do not need an attorney in every car accident claim.

Here are a couple of things to consider when deciding if you need an attorney.


Claims in which there is just property damage.  These claims you do not need an attorney unless you are not able to get the fair market value of the property damage that has been destroyed.  Most of the time these claims can be worked out and squared away without any attorneys having to be hired.

Now there are times when you do need an attorney in a property damage claim, but you should know when you’re not able to get what you’re looking for as far as fair market value if you need an attorney or not.


Most personal injury claims are not severe injuries.  As a result a lot of these non-serious personal injury claims, can be handled without an attorney.  Clearly there is a level where a non-serious injury becomes a serious personal injury claim or lawsuit.

The level is dependent upon the insurance coverage and the circumstances of the collision.  If you feel you have a serious injury you should not play around and you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney.

My office has created a special report called The Seven Secrets That Can Destroy Your Georgia Car Wreck Claim.  This special report is free to order this report contact our office and then you can determine:

  1. If you need an attorney
  2. If you don’t need an attorney, the knowledge you should have before dealing with an insurance company in your Georgia car wreck claim.

The questions to ask, and a general knowledge of where your car accident claim is and where it is going.  This special report for Savannah Car Accident victims will put you in the driver’s seat on your car wreck claim.

To get your free special report contact my Savannah office at 912-508-4711 or Atlanta at 770‑948‑5454 to get The Seven Secrets That Can Destroy Your Georgia Car Wreck Claim.

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