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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – I Was Hit By An Unlicensed Uninsured Driver, What Can I Do?

The other driver who hit me was unlicensed and uninsured.  He borrowed the vehicle he hit me with from someone who did not have any insurance on the vehicle.  The unlicensed and uninsured driver was ticketed for the collision.  Can I go after the driver, owner or who?

I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation.  You can still go after the uninsured driver for the collision since he caused the collision and your damages.  The reality is that you will be going after someone who did not have a license to drive, did not own the automobile he wrecked and did not have his own insurance for whatever vehicle he was driving.

I do not have to tell you this but likely he does not have any money to pay for any victory you may obtain against him.  You could be fighting for years to obtain a judgment against him and then once you have the judgment you will need to pursue collection efforts.

If he has no money you will have to wait till either he comes into some money and hope you can get the courts to move fast enough before he spends it or transfers it to someone else, or you will need to attempt to locate any property he owns and seek to have the courts force a sale of the property whereby if there is any property you will likely get pennies on the dollar unless there are other liens which could open up other issues.

The better way to deal with this is to check your own insurance and make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage.  Uninsured motorist coverage is for the type of collision you described, where by you are involved in a motor vehicle collision and suffer either property damage or personal injury as a result and the other driver does not have insurance.

You should contact a Georgia personal injury attorney immediately prior to giving any recorded statement.  You want to protect yourself, your family is too important.

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