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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – What is Involved in an Georgia Accident Claim?

If you are like most people, who have been injured in a Georgia car crash claim, you have now been thrown into a foreign world.

You are injured can not work, you are either being pushed or asked to give a recorded statement by the insurance company and you are wondering how am I going to move forward from here and what should I do?

It is often difficult to determine what is your best move to obtain reimbursement for your harms and losses.  Below are some of the steps involved in your Georgia car crash claim.

Analysis of Coverage & Damages.

Your Georgia Accident Attorney should be quickly working to obtain any and all insurance coverage available for your claim.  Equally important your Georgia accident attorney should be gathering the information necessary to prove any lost wages and any and all medical expenses and travel expenses incurred by you as a result of this claim.

Analysis of insurance offer.

In most claims there is an opportunity to try and settle the claim prior to any litigation.  This is not always the best strategy, but a good Georgia car crash lawyer should be able to review the specific facts that surround your claim and speak with you on if your claim is a good claim to attempt to resolve prior to any lawsuit being filed.

If your claim is a good claim to be resolve, your Georgia car crash lawyer should have the experience to be able to tell you if the settlement offer is fair and the other items that you should be concerned about if a settlement is to take place.

Strategy for trial.

If you claim can not be settled then you will need a Georgia car crash attorney who will take your claim to trial.  Now is not the time to find out that the attorney you hired does not go to trial.  Most attorneys will not take on cases where there was an attorney who ran the case to a certain point but decided not to take to trial.

The key in eliminating this issue is to find an attorney who would be comfortable taking your claim to court if the need arises.

All claims are different as such it is important that you speak with someone who can help you prior to speaking with the insurance company.  My firm has written a special report called The 10 Secrets to Your Georgia Car Wreck Claim. If you would like a copy of this special report please call 912-508-4711 in Savannah or 770-948-5454 in Atlanta and provide your name and mailing address and we will rush it to you free with no obligation.

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