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Why Should We Secure Our Borders?

Mexican drug cartels are a good start.  Most people no where close to the border do not realize the unstable nature of Mexican government and how powerful the drug cartels are.  They have a major influence on who runs for local office.  They attempt to bribe and then use force to enforce their will.  They out man local law enforcement and may out man the Mexican Federal Police.

Scary thought, but what makes things worse is they cross the border at will with no fear of border patrol as they easily out man and out gun them.  So who keeps them in line?  No one.

As reported by CNN, there was a major battle in Ciudad Juarez which is right across the border from  El Paso, Texas.  The city runs as close as 30 yards in some places and an estimated population of 1.4 million people.

Whereas El Paso, Texas has a population of just over 600,000.  As you can see the population in Ciudad Juarez is over double the population of El Paso, Texas.

Prior gun battles between the Mexican Federal Police and drug cartels has encroached into El Paso with bullets damaging City Hall.

In the most recent battle El Paso police blocked off a city block in order to prevent the battle from coming too far in to El Paso, Texas.

This is one of the most violent regions in North America.  We need to quit talking about securing the border and start doing it.   The United States Federal Government does not plan on any moves any time soon.

One of the most popular things for the drug cartels to do is to kidnap U.S. citizens and Mexican citizens who have money so that the can hold them for ransom.

If a famous person’s family member gets abducted, unfortunately that looks to be the only catalyst that will make things happen.

This is not a political issue it is a safety issue for American citizens.

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