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Georgia Food Poisoning and Shigellosis

Despite the high sanitary standards of food preparers in most US establishments, there are instances where improper preparation or handling results in food contamination. Shigellosis, a bacterial infection caused by the consumption of Shigella bacterium, is passed along by exposure to foods contaminated with fecal particles. This may occur due to untreated water or sewage, or to unsanitary habits of servers or cooks in eating establishments, such as improper or infrequent sanitation.
Shigellosis has several symptoms in common with other types of food poisoning illness, such as E. coli. The transfer of the pathogen is similar to E. Coli, often by contaminated fruit, vegetable, milk, and meat products. Mild symptoms such as stomach pain or cramps are common in those exposed to the bacterium. In higher risk cases, the patient may have symptoms of dysentery, ranging from diarrhea, to fever, vomiting or blood in the stool. Infants, the old, and in individuals with suppressed immune function are most likely to suffer extreme cases of the infection. As with E. coli, the most severe cases can result in a potentially fatal disease of the kidneys called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). HUS requires special medical attention and dialysis.
While outbreaks of shigellosis are not as common as E. coli, this type of food poisoning still poses a notable risk to human health. Often, shigella outbreaks are traced to a single restaurant or provider. If you are diagnosed with shigellosis, you may need medical treatment, and will most likely lose wages as you recover – which can last a week or more, depending on the severity of your case. Should you believe you have been affected by a food poisoning illness from a restaurant other provider, you should seek immediate medical treatment. If your illness is caused by negligence or contamination, you can make a claim for compensation for losses and pain & suffering resulting from the contaminated product.

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