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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Savannah Worker Injured in a Car Wreck?

Although most commonly associated with personal injury, motor vehicle accidents involving workers are also common. Construction workers and other types of employees may be required to drive as part of their normal duties, whether in a company-leased vehicle, a fleet vehicle, or in their personal automobile. While operation of a motor vehicle always assumes a level of risk, there are certain considerations when operating a vehicle in the performance of your normal work duties.

If you are operating a vehicle in performance of your normal duties, or performing duties on company time in your personal vehicle, you are entitled to certain protections concerning your safety, and compensation in the event of an accident. If you are operating a vehicle safely and within the limits of the law for official work purposes, you are entitled to the same compensation afforded to workers on the work site.

As with a work-site injury, you are entitled to emergency medical care. The cost of emergency medical care is required to be covered by your employer. After initial emergency medical care, you must be treated by a Workers’ Compensation physician selected in advance by your place of employment if they meet the requirements under the law, otherwise you may be able to treat with a doctor of your choosing.

Additionally, as with work-site related workers compensation claims, is important to recognize that you have certain rights and responsibilities as a result of your injury. In the event your employer attempts to circumvent normal procedure, or deny you coverage based on the purported facts of the case, you may need to seek legal advice in the pursuit of your claim. You are entitled to be compensated for all medical bills, and maybe entitled a portion of your lost wages as you recover from your injuries. Keeping thorough documentation of your injury from the first ambulance ride to your final follow-up appointment will ensure that you have the documentation to support your claim and receive the medical and wage compensation you are entitled to.

Ty Wilson is an Savannah workers’ comp lawyer. He devotes much of his time to educating injured workers as well as their families and has written several FREE reports on workers’ compensation. Call 1-866-937-5454 to order yours.

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