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Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer | The Increased Dangers of Trucking Accidents

I get calls every day from people who were injured in car accidents in Georgia. Some of the most serious and debilitating injuries I have seen are from victims of collisions with 18-wheelers. Due to their size and weight, a big rig can cause devastating damage to smaller cars on the road when a collision occurs.

Unfortunately, it’s rare that injuries from a tractor trailer accident are minor. Usually, these types of collisions cause life-changing injuries and often death. On top of the pain and stress of being involved in a crash with a large truck, the insurance adjusters for trucking companies are extremely difficult to deal with. These adjusters are protecting very large commercial policies, and they will do anything it takes to save their company money.

Trucking accidents can be caused by several different things. Sometimes, the driver is inexperienced, fatigued, or simply makes a mistake that can have deadly consequences. Sometimes, these trucks are not properly maintained, brakes do not work, or loads are improperly balanced, all of which can cause an accident.

Who is responsible when a semi truck causes an accident? It depends. If the truck driver caused the collision, the truck’s owner, or the company who leased the truck from the owner, is liable. If improperly loaded cargo is the reason for the crash, the shipper or cargo loader can be held responsible. If the accident was caused by malfunctioning parts, such as brakes, tires, or other mechanical parts, the manufacturer may be liable.

Of course, it can be difficult to determine which of these entities should truly take responsibility for the crash. It’s also not uncommon for these companies to point fingers at each other, for example, in an instance of brake failure. The truck leasing company could blame the brake manufacturer for a faulty product, but the manufacturer may say the brakes were not bad, just improperly maintained by the leasing company. The litigation process between your personal injury attorney and these companies can be difficult, to say the least.

It’s important to be as safe as you can when you’re on the road with an 18-wheeler. You may or may not have heard of the “no zone,” the area to the sides and back of the tractor trailer where the truck driver can’t see cars beside or behind them. Accidents are 60% more likely to occur in this area, so it’s important to be aware of large trucks on the road, and make sure you stay out of their way.

Ty Wilson is an Atlanta trucking accident attorney who provides the public with free information on the topic of Georgia accidents and personal injury claims. If you or a family member has been injured in a Georgia trucking accident, Ty encourages you to first read his articles, watch his videos and order or download his FREE BOOKS at BEFORE talking to an insurance adjuster, hiring a lawyer or even signing any forms.

To speak with Ty directly, just give him a call at 1-866-937-5454.

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