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Atlanta Motorcycle Lawyer | What’s So Important About Motorcycle Safety Gear

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important things a motorcycle rider can do to minimize the potential for injuries in the event that he or she is involved in a collision. In Georgia, it is required by law that all riders wear helmets. However, a helmet is only one part of the safety equipment riders need to stay safe. If you ride a motorcycle, you should seriously consider wearing a specialty jacket with built in protective skid plates, steel-toed boots or other reinforced shoes, leather outerwear, and gloves.

Using this type of gear can hugely decrease the type of injuries a motorcycle rider might sustain in an accident. Motorcycle riders face an increased risk on the road. This is due to the fact that they don’t have the protection of an enclosed car, but also because other drivers frequently don’t drive with the care necessary to keep motorcycle riders safe. Many people simply do not notice motorcycles on the road with them, or they don’t pay enough attention to bikes slowing, stopping, or making turns.

Even with protective gear, motorcycle riders face a greater chance of serious injury. One common injury motorcycle riders face is road rash, or the cuts and abrasions that are caused when a rider hits and slides along the road. Wearing full protective gear, however, can greatly minimize this. Other common injuries motorcycle riders suffer from as a result of a collision are broken bones, internal bleeding, and head injuries. Even muscle sprains and strains can be quite painful and require weeks of physical rehabilitation. Broken bones require casts, rehabilitation, and if it’s a very complicated break, sometimes even surgery. Reconstructive surgery, or plastic surgery, might even be needed to correct visible scarring.

Due to the severity of motorcycle accidents and injuries, it is common for medical bills to begin stacking up right away. Motorcycle riders are frequently taken from the scene of an accident by ambulance. Once the crash victim arrives at the emergency room, doctors usually perform a full set of diagnostic tests such as CT scans due to the increased danger of internal injury. If a rider faces having surgery, the medical bills get even higher.

If a motorcycle rider is undergoing extensive treatment for any of these serious injuries, it is likely he or she is facing economic stress. Not only is medical treatment expensive, but much of it requires time off of work for doctor’s visits, treatment, and recovery periods. Thankfully, your lost wages and out of pocket expenses are damages that may be recoverable from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

If you ride a motorcycle, you owe it to yourself and your family to take all of the safety precautions necessary to keep yourself from harm. Special riding gear is always worth the expense if it can save you some pain and suffering.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, it is imperative that you call an attorney right away to help you with your claim. Motorcyclists who have been in a wreck often face extremely high medical bills and need to the help of an experienced lawyer to help obtain the compensation they require.

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  • Tom April 21, 2012, 2:42 pm

    In many countries in USA people don’t need to wear helmets on motorcycles. Their excuse is that they lose millions of dollars because riders are avoiding their state because of the helmets. I think that it is good to have a law were wearing a helmet is necessary because of the high number of motorcycle accidents and the injuries that motorcycle accidents can cause.

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