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Atlanta Car Crash Lawyer | Identifying Savannah’s Dangerous Intersections

Identify and be cautious at Savannah’s dangerous intersections instead of avoiding them, according to reporter Tim Guidera at WTOC in his story Collision Corners: No Easy Solutions.

Identify and be cautious at dangerous intersections.

Police department reports show that accidents are most likely to occur at the city’s busiest intersections, simply because it is where most of the accident activity occurs.

According to the City of Savannah Department of Traffic Engineering, seeking lower-traffic alternatives, however, could put drivers at a higher risk of being involved in an accident.

To prove these findings, department head Mike Weiner said that they look at the frequency of accidents and compare them to the traffic volume at each intersection. For example, if 37th Street has one-fifth the amount of traffic as DeRenne Avenue, but those less-traveled intersections see almost half as many accidents, which is a considerably higher average. “That 37th Street corridor as a whole has been on our accident list,” said Weiner. “One of the biggest problems is trees and visibility.

The more information that the police department is able to gather, the more solutions and improvements they’re able to employ to correct the problem. One of the best examples of improvement was at the intersection of Airways Avenue and I-95, where 28 accidents occurred in 2008. The city replaced a single stop sign with a four-way traffic light and rubber delineators for traffic merging onto Airways Avenue from I-95, and two years later, zero accidents were reported at that intersection.

While preventative measures can be taken to improve roads and intersections, the police and city stress the importance of being alert while driving your vehicle. “What I would recommend is to drive defensively, to be vigilant, not to drive distracted,” said Lt. Gregory Mitchell. “Look ahead so you can see dangers and obstructions of things that are happening 100 yards ahead of you so that you can have time to stop.” By controlling as many variables as possible as a driver, you may be able to avoid an accident.

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Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

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