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Atlanta Car Accident Attorney | What Is a Health Insurance Subrogation Claim in Georgia?

Those who have been injured and are seeking medical treatment for the injuries they sustained in a Georgia car accident may find themselves dealing with a subrogation claim from their health insurance company. Many healthcare plans have a contractual right to obtain reimbursement from an accident settlement for medical treatment the plan paid for as a the result of a car accident or other negligence claim.

Health Insurance Document

Do I Need to Pay Back the Insurance Company?

It is not unusual for a health insurance company to pursue its right of subrogation. Simply put, a health insurance company has a right to be paid back out of your settlement. Most insurance companies are aware of this, and some insist on paying back the health insurance company directly. This can have a big impact on your settlement. Some accident injury victims find that once a subrogation claim is paid off, there is little money left over in the settlement as compensation for their pain and suffering.

This is why it’s so important to hire a lawyer to handle your injury claim. A lawyer will contact your health insurance company and make sure only medical bills truly related to your accident injuries are being paid for. They can sometimes even negotiate with a health insurance company to accept a reduced subrogation amount to ensure that their client receives the best possible settlement.

Insurance adjusters, on the other hand, are not really concerned about getting you the best possible settlement. They will not scrutinize the health insurance company’s itemization of medical charges to ensure that only accident related medical treatment is paid for. They will not bother asking the health insurance company to reduce their subrogation amount to get you the largest settlement they can. They do not have your best interests in mind.

Despite the fact that healthcare plans have to be reimbursed, it is still the best possible choice to use your health insurance carrier to take care of your accident-related medical treatment. A good lawyer will push the auto insurance carrier for more compensation than just medical bills. They will also force the insurance company to take into account your lost wages as well as your pain and mental anguish.

Remember, medical treatment is necessary to ensure that you have a successful claim but also to make sure you fully heal from your injuries. The best way to maximize your personal injury claim is to follow doctor’s instructions regarding treatment and to do everything you have to do to get better. Don’t worry about having to pay back the health insurance company. Leave that concern to your experienced Savannah personal injury lawyer.

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