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Atlanta Car Accident Attorney | Do I Need an Injury Lawyer?

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day in Georgia. Some are minor fender benders, where no real injures are sustained. Some are serious collisions, where car accident victims undergo life-changing injuries. Of course, there are many accidents that fall in between these two extremes as well. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if you even need an attorney. Will your medical bills be high enough to warrant hiring an attorney to handle your claim? Are your injuries serious enough that you need an advocate to make sure the insurance company gives you everything you deserve? Here are some of the things I look at when considering whether or not someone would benefit from hiring an attorney.

Do I Need A Savannah Injury Lawyer?

As a general rule, if a person who has been injured in an accident has at least $3,000 in medical bills, it is probably necessary to hire an attorney. Insurance adjusters are trained to pay out as little money as possible, and when you are dealing with high medical bills and a large lost wage claim, you need an expert to make sure you are treated fairly.

What are some ways an adjuster might not treat you fairly? For one thing, they will try to trick you into minimizing your injuries. They will ask you questions about previous injuries and medical care to try to make it look like your problem was pre-existing rather than the result of your accident. They will want you to sign a broad medical release so they can go back through prior medical records, which may not have anything to do with the case at hand, so they can look for reasons not to take your treatment seriously.

Insurance adjusters have a lot of experience dealing with injury claims. At any given time, they may handle 200 or more files. You, on the other hand, probably don’t have much experience with accident injuries. This may be the first time you’ve ever been injured in a car accident. You need an experienced person to guide you, but don’t be fooled into thinking that person is the insurance adjuster. You need a good lawyer to be your advocate, to fight to make sure you get everything you deserve out of your claim.

If you were seriously injured in a wreck, you have a lot to deal with. You have doctors appointments to attend, and you have to concentrate on getting well and getting back to work. You don’t need the stress of dealing with the insurance company every day. Going through the process of healing from a serious injury is hard enough without having to deal with the stress of fighting an insurance company who wants to close your claim out as soon as possible, and for as little money as they can get away with.

Ty Wilson is a Savannah injury lawyer who educates the public about Georgia injury claims and purchasing automobile insurance in Georgia. Visit to watch Ty’s videos, read his many articles, and to order his FREE books.

Give Ty a call at 1-866-937-5454 if you have specific questions and would like to speak to a Savannah accident attorney today.

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