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Atlanta Injury Attorney | Do’s and Don’ts of Firework Safety

Everyone enjoys a good fireworks display, and people both young and old alike marvel at the colorful bursts that light up the night sky. There are many joyous occasions where fireworks are used, from baseball games to the yearly 4th of July celebration commemorating our country’s independence. Often times it’s best to leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals since they are most prepared to handle a potentially dangerous situation. Furthermore, letting the professionals handle the fireworks will ensure that you can enjoy the event and save money and time that it would cost to orchestrate a show such as this. However, should you decide to put on a show of your own, here are some guidelines to follow to ensure proper safety:

Firework Safety

    • DO take steps to make sure your fireworks purchase is legal and that firing them in your city is allowed. Check with your local state offices if necessary, since only 37 states and the District of Columbia allow consumer fireworks.Atlanta injury lawyer provides dos and don’ts for firework safety.
    • DO make your purchase from a reliable source such as a store, well-known vendor, or outlet.
    • DO read the instructions and warning labels very carefully.
    • DO dispose of any fireworks that don’t light properly the first time by waiting approximately 20 minutes, and then soaking them in a bucket of water.
    • DO give yourself time to move away from the firework as soon as it is lit to prevent a possible burn hazard.
    • DO keep a large bucket of water near you to avoid a potential fire or help in the case of emergency.
    • DON’T light more than one firework at a time.
    • DON’T ever try to re-light a firework if it does not work the first time. It may be a delayed starter, or may not be made properly so it is safer to discard it after the first trial.
    • DON’T store fireworks, especially in a home or area where children, and even pets, may have access to them.
    • DON’T let anyone younger than 18 years of age light fireworks on their own.
    • DON’T ever throw fireworks.
    • DON’T play with homemade fireworks or mix types of firework materials.
    • DON’T light fireworks inside a container or in the range of flammable or hazardous materials.

Following these safety guidelines should ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable celebration. It’s always good to have a safety plan in place and be sure to have emergency medical kits accessible when conducting potentially dangerous activities such as this. Remember, the best way to avoid unnecessary injuries is to prevent them first.

Source: Sabah Karimi @ Yahoo Voices

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

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