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Atlanta Injury Attorney | Negligent Security Personnel: Injured as a Result of Poor Security

Premises liability injury claims cover not only poorly maintained properties that accidentally cause someone to get hurt, but also negligent security claims. Property owners have a responsibility to make sure a property is physically safe for guests, and they also sometimes have a responsibility to provide competent security to protect their customers.  However, property owners are not the insurers of your safety.

Malls, commercial buildings, parking garages and other such properties often have a security staff on site to make sure the people using these facilities are safe. Competent security personnel can prevent violent physical attacks like robberies or sexual assault. These types of structures or businesses can be dangerous as many have secluded, low traffic areas that a criminal could take advantage of. It is necessary for property owners to hire a well-trained security staff to prevent crimes against patrons as well as respond to medical emergencies that may arise on the premises.

Any kind of violent attack can be extremely traumatic, physically and emotionally, especially in the case of a sexual assault. The most important thing to do in the event of an attack is to contact the authorities right away. Police need to collect evidence and make a detailed report of the incident. It is also important to seek medical treatment. Injuries from robberies or assaults can include serious cuts and bruises, broken bones, or even traumatic head injuries. It is especially important to seek medical treatment in the event of a sexual assault.

Seeking prompt medical treatment will ensure that your injuries are taken care of, but it will also provide evidence to pursue a negligent security claim. Medical records and photographs of your injuries will help the police build a case against your attacker and your attorney build a case against the negligent property owner whose lack of security may have allowed a crime to happen in the first place.

If you or a loved one has been attacked due to lack of adequate security, it may be possible to pursue a negligent security claim against the property owner. It is important to hire an experienced attorney, as these kinds of cases can be difficult to win.

If attacks, robberies or sexual assaults have been occurring in the area, or any crime of this nature has occurred on the property previously, this can prove that there was a known threat of violence. Police reports or other incident reports documenting these crimes can show that the property owner was willfully negligent in failing to provide an adequate protective security force. A good lawyer will investigate all of these possibilities as he or she pursues your injury claim.

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