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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – The Importance of Hiring the Right Attorney.

It is more important to hire the right attorney than to hire any attorney.  That is right, read that again carefully.  Hiring the right attorney can make or break your case as these two unhappy people found out.

First of all not all attorneys handle every area of the law.  So how do you know?  Well you can look around their office and find out what types of publications and/or organizations are they members, you can look them up and do a Google search on their names.    Almost everyone has access to the internet even if it is only through their phone.  Go to the local library, they usually have computer access for free if you have a library card.  The key here is you do not want someone who handles business incorporation to start working on your murder trial.  Find an attorney who works in the area of law you need help in.

You do not want to seek help from someone who handles wills and estates to handle your serious personal injury matter which may need to litigated or taken to court.  The stakes are too high.  As reported by, these two gentlemen hired an attorney and did not have a pleasant experience.  You should be able to communicate with your attorney or his staff.

Some attorneys are busy with litigation matters.  So what does that mean?  It means they can not pick up the phone every time you call and answer a question, there are other files and legal matters to address for the attorney.  That does not mean they can not speak with you, it may mean you need to schedule a time to speak.  Some recommendations are if you can get the response you need from the attorney’s staff member then do so.  It is not critical that all matters be addressed by the attorney.

However legal questions do deserve the attorney’s response.  If you can not schedule a conference call with your attorney and they do not have time to speak or meet with you, that should be a major red flag.  It starts in finding the right person for your legal matter early before you get to the point where you have spent time, money and effort and are in the same position or possibly worse because your legal needs were not met.

Ty Wilson is a Georgia Personal Injury and Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyer.  Ty has written several informative books and special reports on the subjects of Georgia Car Wreck Claims, Georgia Workers Compensation, Property Damage, Purchasing Insurance and is working on a new special report Hiring An Attorney For Any Matter.  

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