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Black Box Recorders, Who Is Watching You?

While black box recorders can tell us information about a crash, the question raised is how helpful is it after a crash? NBC news did a story on how every car made after 2014 is expected to have a black box installed.


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They say the insurance companies, the police departments and accident investigators need the information the black box provides to help them make our roads safer. However the data after a crash will show who is at-fault potentially, does that help the insurance companies who may save a money on paying out claims?  Maybe?  Does it help the police determine who may have been at-fault?  Maybe?

It does help the insurance companies raise your rates if you never got a speeding ticket.  You see if anyone can monitor your black box they can monitor your driving, it will be like having someone in your car or with a gps system attached to your car.

Now the report state the current models of black boxes do not have the ability to see, hear or know what street you are driving on, but with technological improvements that is not far behind, I would not be surprised if it is already in existence.

Think twice, having your every move scrutinized is not something I would want.


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