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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Why is the insurance adjuster asking me if I have health insurance?

A: Recently, an adjuster contacted my office asking if my client had health insurance. When I inquired as to why they needed that information, she told me “so I can reduce the value of the claim by the amount of what health insurance has paid.”

Generally speaking you should not tell the at-fault insurance company that you have insurance. Also that includes turning over bills to them that show health insurance payments or the mention of health insurance. The fact is that insurance in any form will not be mentioned if there is a trial and the at-fault insurance company is not to benefit from the injured party having insurance. Why should a drunk driver have to pay less to an injured person who has insurance versus one who does not? They should not. So there is absolutely no reason why the at-fault insurance company would need to know other than to reduce the amount with which they will resolve a claim.

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