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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Common Questions You Haven’t Stopped to Think About

Many people have heard about workers compensation, but many people don’t know precisely how it operates or how to proceed if they have been hurt at work. In case of an injury on the job, it is important that you have some basic knowledge of workers compensation – it is not always as clear as some believe, and it is not as complicated as others believe. Furthermore, each state’s laws are different regarding workers compensation. Following are the answers to some basic workers compensation questions. It is important, however, that you reference your own state’s laws and regulations to find out the way they relate to your particular circumstance.Injured at Work

What is workers compensation?Injured at Work

Workers compensation is, in a word, an “insurance benefit” that is meant to protect workers in the event of an injury on the job and can help cover medical expenses related to these injuries. It is not uncommon for people to think that to be covered by workers compensation, it is necessary to have fallen or incurred another kind of injury at work. The truth is these aren’t the sole kinds of injuries that fall under workers compensation. Ailments caused by or at work can also be covered. For instance, coal miners are frequently identified with black lung disease, which happens after long-term contact with coal or other kinds of dust particles. In such cases, some people may become disabled because of the condition. In such cases, workers compensation could cover medical expenses and perhaps pay them or their families if they died due to the ailment.

When must I report my injuries or illness?

Any injuries or ailments should be reported to the necessary authority immediately. Waiting more than thirty days could cause the loss of any benefits you might have had the opportunity to obtain. Just about all companies have a policy and process in place when it comes to making such reports. Talk to your manager, HR department, or refer to your employee handbook to acquaint yourself with your company’s policies and procedures.

Just how much can I receive in benefits?

In general, workers are entitled to about two-thirds of their average weekly wage in benefits up to a specific amount. Again, this is dependent on the workers compensation laws and regulations of your own state. Presently, Georgia caps benefits at $500.00 per week.

For what amount of time will I be able to receive benefits?

The duration of your benefits is dependent on the kind of injury you have sustained. Some benefits will cease after a particular time period, while some may continue throughout the course of the injury, ailment, treatment, and therapy – and some for the rest of your life. The laws of your state will determine this.

Will I go to court?

Not always. It is dependent on the claim and whether or not the insurance provider is denying you any benefits. In Georgia, if you are refused benefits, it is possible you might have to be present at a hearing, which is pretty much the same as going to court. There is often a judge to rule on your case and this decision will be based on your state’s laws. Even though you are not required to be represented by a lawyer, you need to be aware that your employer will probably have one representing them. Therefore, it might be to your advantage to consult with a skilled workers compensation attorney like Ty Wilson.

If you think that you could be entitled to workers compensation benefits, been refused benefits or are just unsure, workers compensation attorney Ty Wilson can answer the questions you have and supply the representation you may need. With many years of experience, he will protect your rights and ensure that you receive the benefits that you deserve legally.

Ty Wilson is a workers compensation attorney in Georgia and is dedicated to helping injured people and their families. Call his office today at 866-937-5454 to order his free report, Common Myths Associated with Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims. This report is intended to give you and/or your loved one a basic understanding of what you are entitled to under workers compensation and more importantly what you are not entitled to in your Georgia workers compensation claim.

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