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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Do You Have Enough Car Insurance?

It is always important to make sure you have enough car insurance coverage in Georgia. Having the right kind of coverage can protect you if you are hit by a driver who is uninsured or who doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to pay for your damages. The right coverage can also help you cover medical costs while you are undergoing treatment for your injuries. Georgia car insurance

The minimum insurance that every driver in Georgia must carry is a $25,000 liability insurance policy. This covers $25,000 in damages per person involved in the accident with a total limit of $50,000 that can be paid out. It also covers $25,000 in property damage. So if you are hit by a driver who has the minimum limits in Georgia, there is essentially $25,000 available to pay for repairs to your vehicle or for a new vehicle if yours is deemed a total loss, and $25,000 available for all of your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you think this doesn’t sound like that much money, you’re right. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you can easily accumulate more than $25,000 in medical bills and lost wages. An ambulance ride to the emergency room with a thorough visit involving a complete set of CT scans will already cost you thousands.

Thankfully, Georgia drivers have the option of purchasing Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage, or UM/UIM. This kind of coverage is not required by law but is very helpful if you are injured in a collision. If you are hit by a driver who carries no insurance at all, your UM coverage will pay for your damages. If your damages exceed the other driver’s policy limit, your UIM coverage will come into play to make up the difference. In most cases, a UM policy covers pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accident victims as well as car accidents.

You can purchase UIM coverage that stacks on top of the liability policy, or you can purchase UIM coverage that is only available to the extent that it exceeds the total amount of liability insurance available. For this reason, stacking coverage is the best kind you can purchase.

We also have Medical Payments Coverage, or Med Pay, available to Georgia drivers. Med Pay involves making a claim on your own insurance that will cover your medical bills and the medical bills of any of your passengers until the policy limit is reached. It is not uncommon for drivers to purchase $5,000 in Med Pay, although more is usually available. Med Pay is especially helpful if you do not have health insurance, or if you have high co-pays and deductibles.

Even if you have the best available insurance, if you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you need an experienced attorney to make sure the insurance company treats you fairly. Even when pursuing a UM claim, many injury victims find that it is just as difficult to deal with their own insurance company as it is to deal with the company of the at-fault driver.

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