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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – In a Car Wreck? Now What?

If you have been involved in an auto accident and try to take care of the claim by yourself, you likely will be another unfortunate statistic. The truth is a lot of individuals attempt to manage their own auto crash cases. As a personal injury attorney in the state of Georgia, below are some things that I feel you have to know prior to handling your own claim:

1. Adjusters are highly trained. The insurance business pay a lot of cash to make sure their adjusters are trained to prevent losses. The goal is to take premiums and not pay out on damages. If you are handling your claim, most likely your interests are in direct opposition to theirs.

2. Adjusters are overworked. A lot of adjusters who are taking care of you on a claim have numerous various other files, in some cases a number of hundreds of files. This provides them a lot of experience over you. If they have 200 files at any given time and you have one auto accident in a lifetime, they have over 200 times the experience.

3. Adjusters are not your buddies. As discussed earlier, they are trained to be friendly to you to obtain the details they have to adjust the claim and to discover a reason to reject the claim or to eliminate the case. Their main task is not to pay you!

4. You may think you can deal with a claim yourself and, if small enough, you most likely can, however if you do not have an attorney, the insurance business knows it is most likely that you will not take them to court. If you do file suit yourself, you will be going up against the insurance defense lawyer, who manages hundreds of cases a year similar to yours.

5. In an auto collision you do not file the suit against the at-fault insurance company, you file against the at-fault driver. In Georgia, if insurance is pointed out in front of a jury that is grounds for a mistrial. If you get a mistrial, you start over from the beginning and waste time and money at the same time. Adjusters understand the insurance company will not be pointed out or mentioned in a suit; this will give them a benefit in the fact you may be taking legal action against a kind senior woman (the other motorist)-not a huge bad insurance company.

6. If you offer the adjusters the details they want (for example, a recorded statement, a signed medical permission, or your social security number), you can anticipate that they will stop taking your calls and will no longer be the friendly people they were prior to acquiring exactly what they wanted.

Ty Wilson is a personal injury attorney in Georgia and is dedicated to helping injured people and their families. Call his office today at 866-937-5454 to order his free report, 10 Secrets of Georgia Car Wreck Claims.

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