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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Top 3 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Top 3 Motorcycle Safety Tips

As a Savannah personal injury firm, we have represented many motorcycle accident victims. Frequently, the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are much more serious that those suffered by car accident victims, simply because there is nothing separating a motorcycle rider from the road and other vehicles. Drivers responsible for collisions with motorcycles often claim they did not see the bike. While it is the responsibility of all cars and trucks on the road to be alert and look out for smaller vehicles such as motorcycles, there are precautions riders must always take to protect themselves.Motorcycles – Ride SafeMotorcycle Safety

1) Wear Safety Gear

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important things you can do as a motorcycle rider. Helmets make the difference between life and death. A helmet is the only thing between you and the unforgiving roadway in a crash. The helmet’s hard outer shell disperses the force of an impact. The dense liner inside the helmet absorbs the shock of the impact, lessening its force and protecting your head and face from damage. Helmets also aid rider comfort. A helmet decreases wind noise, and it keeps bugs and other debris out of your face. Wearing the right clothing is important too. Long-sleeved leather or other thick fabric and gloves will protect your body from the elements and anything you may come into contact with. Boots protect your feet, ankles and shins, and bright colored clothing alerts your presence to other vehicles on the road.

2) Be Aware of Other Vehicles

Many car and truck drivers have never operated a motorcycle. They can’t properly judge the speed of an approaching bike, and they don’t realize how long it might take a rider to stop a motorcycle in inclement weather conditions such as rain or ice. Due to its small size, a motorcycle can be missed by a driver using rear-view or side mirrors, and it is easily obscured by an object such as a fence or other vehicle. Always operate your bike with extra caution. Leave your headlight on both night and day. Use your turn signal every time. Put reflective tape on your clothing to increase visibility. Assume that other cars can’t see you, and drive carefully.

3) Know How to Operate Your Bike

Don’t take a bike out without formal training. Take a motorcycle safety course before you get out on the road, and take refresher courses regularly. If you’re using a bike you’re not familiar with, don’t take it out until you’re comfortable with how it drives, and with your ability to control it. Realize that motorcycles act differently when on wet, uneven or sandy surfaces and when driven in high winds than they do on a regular roadway.

By taking the proper precautions, you can minimize the risk of inattentive and careless drivers when you ride your motorcycle on the roads. However, no matter how careful a rider is, he or she cannot control the actions of other drivers. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident as the result of another person’s negligence and are not sure if you need an attorney, give Ty Wilson at call at 1-866-937-5454, or if you just need more information, visit

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