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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – What to Look for in a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney – Top 4 Questions to Ask

What to Look for in a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in Georgia, one of the most important things you can do is hire the right lawyer. There are many attorneys out there that say they handle injury cases, but not all of them are experienced enough to handle a serious case. You need an attorney who focuses on personal injury cases, who is not afraid to give you an honest evaluation of your case, and who will do whatever it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

“What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?”

  • Most lawyers offer free initial consultations. Ideally, this is the time for you and your prospective attorney to get to know each other and ask each other questions.
  • The attorney will want to know all of the facts of your accident case, and explain why he or she is the best attorney to handle your claim.
  • One of the things a good lawyer will do is give you a truthful evaluation of your claim. He or she should be honest with you about any potential problems or pitfalls you may encounter as your claim progresses.
  • A good lawyer will offer you an honest evaluation of your case without making empty promises just to gain you as a client.

“Do you specialize in personal injury cases?”

  • Many attorneys say they take on personal injury cases. Not all of these lawyers specialize in only personal injury cases.
  • If your attorney practices several areas of law, from criminal, to family law, to personal injury, chances are they do not have the expertise needed to maximize your injury claim.
  • Personal injury laws in Georgia can be complicated, and the best attorney to handle your injury claim is one who specializes in that type of case.
  • Every personal injury case is different and if you hire an attorney who does not focus his practice on personal injury cases, you hurt your case because of the lack of specific knowledge it takes to handle a personal injury case.

“Are you the attorney who will actually be working on my case?”

  • Sometimes you will see advertisements for very well known and popular lawyers, only to find out that when you hire them, it is really their associates who do all the work on your case.
  • While it is common for paralegals and other staff to assist your attorney on your case, it is only fair to expect that the lawyer you hired is the one who is making all the big decisions about your claim.

“Will you take my case to trial if necessary?”

  • While many cases do settle before a trial is necessary, you should be assured that your attorney is willing to try your case in front of a jury if the insurance company is just not offering fair compensation to settle your claim.
  • Some attorneys never try a case and will encourage you to take the best pre-suit settlement offer they can get, even if your case is worth more.
  • You deserve a lawyer who is willing to do everything it takes to obtain the best outcome possible, not just the minimum effort to get a sub par settlement.

All cases are different and so are all attorneys. You have the right to ask questions and make sure the lawyer you hire is the right one to take on your case. A lot depends on this choice. The attorney you choose should give you a realistic evaluation of your claim and be willing to work hard to make sure you get the best settlement or outcome possible.

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