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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – Georgia Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

Med Pay Insurance in Georgia

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision in Georgia, you are probably wondering how you are going to pay for your medical treatment. As a personal injury lawyer, I get calls every day from accident victims asking this question. The answer is, that while the at-fault driver’s insurance company is ultimately responsible for your medical bills, it can take a while to come to a settlement agreement if one is obtained at all. Equally important, the at-fault insurance companies will not pay as you go to the doctor. They will pay once if at all. So what should you do? In the meantime, your Med Pay coverage can take care of your bills.

Med pay is insurance that you carry on your own policy. If you have Med Pay coverage and are in an accident, this no-fault claim will cover everyone in your vehicle. “No fault” means that no matter who caused the accident, you or the other driver, there is coverage available for your medical bills.

A Med Pay policy will pay for 100% of medical bills until the limit of the Med Pay coverage is exhausted. This is helpful for taking care of emergency room bills, doctor’s visits, x-rays or other diagnostic tests, or physical therapy. While Med Pay may not cover all of your bills, it will certainly help take care of some of your initial medical expenses so you can determine what your injuries are, and how much treatment you may need.

If you have health insurance, your Georgia Med Pay policy is primary when paying bills. That means that your Med pay policy will cover your medical bills until it is exhausted, then your health insurance will be used.

Using your Med Pay insurance to pay for your medical bills does not mean that the at-fault party’s insurance is no longer responsible for your bills. If you were involved in an accident where the other driver was at fault, his or her liability insurance policy is responsible for reimbursing you for the value of your medical bills. They are also responsible for lost wages and to award you compensation for pain and suffering.

But an accident injury settlement is a long process. You will not be able to have the liability insurance company pay your medical bills as you go. Having Med Pay is ideal for taking care of your medical bills until you can determine the extent of your injuries and hopefully in that time a settlement can be reached with the other driver’s insurance company.

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