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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Top 10 Workplace Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Source: Business 2 Community

As an employee, you want to make sure that you’re safeguarding yourself from potential workplace accidents. Most of the time, on-the-job injuries can be avoided if you’re taking the time to educate yourself on the potential hazards at your place of work, and many employers provide posted information about safe workplace protocol. Accidents at work cost the nation billions of dollars a year, so if you’re making sure that you are being safe on the clock, you can aid in bringing those numbers down. The following are the top ten most common workplace accidents and what you can do to protect yourself:Woman in an arm cast

  • Workplace Violence: The most common instances of workplace violence can be attributed to employees being overcome by irritability, anger, mood swings, or withdrawal. This may result in you, as an employee, being in the wrong place at the wrong time if an angry person decides he/she would like to take it out on you. Employers should encourage an open policy so employees can report incidents of this type of behavior before it’s too late.
  • Repetitive Motion Injury: This is the result of employees performing the same duty repeatedly, for example, typing or placing their body in awkward positions while working. This can be avoided by using ergonomic chairs and equipment, as well as trading off duties between employees, or job rotation.
  • Caught In or Crushed By: The way to avoid being caught in or crushed by machinery, equipment, a tool, or object, is by steering clear of known zones that are hazardous. There should be strict procedures for operating these types of equipment clearly posted by employers.
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions: The operation of motor vehicles while on the job can, obviously, lead to accidents. This risk is made worse by distracted drivers who may be texting, talking on the phone, eating, or reading emails. Be sure you finish any distracting activities before driving.Related article: Georgia Workers’ Comp – Injured in a Wreck
  • Struck By: Falling or moving objects can injure workers. This can be minimized by ensuring work areas are neat and orderly, restricting accessibility to the zones which are considered high-risk, and requiring the use of protective gear.
  • Strike Against: This occurs when a worker’s body strikes an object harder than intended while avoiding a loss of balance or other mishap. Avoid this by not moving while distracted, refraining from any type of horse-play, and not putting excessive force on immobile objects.
  • Fall to Lower Level: Falling from one level to another can cause serious injury or death due to the force of gravity and the position a person is in upon impact. Falls can be avoided by using staircases with caution, using ladders only when the base is supported, using step-type ladders on only well-balanced surfaces, and not carrying items in both hands when climbing.
  • Same Level Slip or Trip: Examples include slipping or tripping on slippery surfaces, worn shoe soles, walking or running too quickly, or other hazardous conditions. The promotion of a neat, clean, and organized workplace is a must for employers.
  • Overexertion: Excessive manual labor, like pulling, lifting, pushing, carrying, or any other activity that causes extreme fatigue, physically or psychologically. The most common injury seen from overexertion is back pain and can be avoided by using proper lifting techniques and utilizing human assistance and mechanical lifting devices.
  • Unsafe Acts: A broad category encompassing many things such as standing at the top of a ladder, running through the workplace, not wearing protective gear, etc. They are usually the result of poor training and or general complacence.

Many of the incidents and resulting injuries described above can be avoided by adhering to strict safety precautions and using good judgement. You never want to put yourself in a position where you could potentially be injured or killed, so it’s imperative that you’re consistently alert and complying with workplace policy. The occurrence of injuries can certainly be diminished and/or avoided if these steps are taken.


Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.


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