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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Can I change doctors in my Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You typically can make one change on a posted panel of physicians.  However in most cases you are “steered” by the employer/insurer to go to an urgent care clinic.

So what is wrong with urgent care clinics?  Nothing, they serve a valid purpose to urgently deal with a host of injuries.  However, they know where there bread is buttered and they know that their job is to return the worker back to some form of light duty with seven days, sometimes regardless of the injury.   Often in speaking with many injured workers they claim the doctors at the clinic are not listening to their complaints of injury.   The reality is if the urgent care clinic can not appropriately address the injury sustained by the employee, then they need to refer them to a specialist for further treatment.

This happens in some cases, however from the injured workers I speak with it does not happen nearly as often or as quickly as it should and often the injured worker is left with either light duty work they can not complete or they go back and get written up by their employer and terminated or quit because they are not able to perform the job tasks due to their injury.

In certain situations you can change doctors, but there are many variations on when and if you can change doctors and what doctors you can change too. If you have specific questions it is always best to speak with a Georgia workers compensation lawyer and have your questions and concerns addressed.

Ty Wilson is a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney with offices in Savannah 912-508-4711 and Atlanta 770-948-5454.

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