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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Can My Georgia Workers’ Comp Doctor Release Me To Full Duty Without Seeing Me For An Appointment?

If you have suddenly received a full duty release from your work doctor and did not have an appiontment, it is time to be concerned about the status of your Georgia workers’ compensation claim.

We have seen several instances where doctors have released injured workers to full duty for various reasons, however none of them are good for your workers’ compensation claim.

Typically it means the insurance company sent a private investigator to follow you and watch and video you in hopes of catching you doing something that you told the doctor you could not do. Often times the insurance company will send the video to your doctor and see if they still agree with the restrictions he has placed upon you. The typical response is the doctor feels like you have been lying to him and sometimes out of anger of being played, they return you to full duty work capacity.

In other instances we have seen doctors release someone to full duty because they become overwhelmed at the constant pressure that the insurance company puts on the doctor to release you back to work that they finally just release you to full duty to be done with the claim and the insurance company.

Regardless of the reason, it still has you released to full duty and as a result you are in jeopardy of being terminated. You should call a Georgia workers’ comp attorney immediately. You will want to move for a change of physician and attempt to get your medical care picked up and more importantly your work status corrected to more accurately reflect your current work capabilities.

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