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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – I fell from a friend’s porch and dislocated my shoulder. My friend said he would let his home owner’s insurance handle it and called them. They are telling me they only have $1,000.00 in medical payments coverage. I can not afford to pay for medical treatment out of my pocket. What should I do as my shoulder is bothering me a great deal?

You should contact a personal injury attorney. You have many things going on. First and foremost is liability. What I mean by that is, was the porch in a dangerous condition which caused you to fall and dislocate your shoulder. If you just fell you will have a very tough road.

The fact is a home owner in Georgia is not required to protect you from all dangers that exist on his property only the ones he has prior notice. For example if you fell because a board was loose on the porch and the home owner knew it was loose and did not warn you, you could have a negligence claim. If, however the home owner warned you about the porch and you became injured not listening to the warning you would likely be responsible for your own injuries.

Regardless you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately because the biggest thing is to get medical care promptly so it can be proven that the cause of your injury was from your fall.

As a side note there are various ways to obtain medical treatment, such as the medical payment coverage the insurance company referred to, health insurance, medical care on a lien, or a lien service who works with doctors to get you the medical care you need.

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