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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – My Workers’ Comp Doctor Placed Me At MMI, What Now?

In Georgia, if you are placed at MMI, it means that in your doctor’s opinion you are at maximum medical improvement. Or in other words, your doctor believes that there is nothing further medically that can be done to improve your symptoms or injuries.

Please keep in mind, just because one doctor has placed you at MMI, does not necessarily mean your claim is over. However, it does mean that the doctor who placed you at MMI, does not believe they have anything further to offer you moving forward.

So what should you do? Well this is a personal decision but you need to consider the shape you are in physically. Are you in a great deal of pain? Are you able to do certain jobs that do not require you to put pressure on the part of your body that is injured?

Depending upon if you have been returned to work in a light duty capacity or not, you may consider changing to a different area of work, you may consider seeking second opinion from another physician, or even changing physicians.

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

Ty Wilson is a Georgia workers compensation attorney, with offices in Savannah and Atlanta, who provides free information to the injured and the families of the injured. Visit to order his FREE Georgia workers compensation “Special Reports” and to read his many articles and to watch his videos.

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