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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – What Do I Do If My Employer Gives me Full Duty Work When I am On Light Duty Work Restrictions Per My Doctor?

We see this often. This typcially boils down to the either the employer not having light duty work but says they do to make the insurance company get off their back or they do not believe you are really injured and are going to make you work full duty or quit.

The worse thing you can do is quit. If you do you lose any possibility of income benefits and that saves the employer and workers’ compensation insurance a lot of money while at the same time making your claim a medical only claim, meaning they will then only have to pay for your medical care.

To avoid this you must carry your work restrictions with you at all times. If your employer is asking you to do something you cannot physically do you must tell your employer that. However, that being said you do not want to get into any verbal disagreement which would allow your employer to terminate you for a reason unrelated to your work injury.

If the employer tells you to go home if you can not do what they are asking, there is a possibility that they can not accommodate your light duty restrictions. If that is the case they will need to start or continue paying you income benefits. If they do not you will need a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney to help you obtain the benefits you may be entitled too.

Every situation is different so it is always best to speak with a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney to find out how your situation could affect your claim.

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

Ty Wilson is a Georgia workers compensation attorney, with offices in Savannah and Atlanta, who provides free information to the injured and the families of the injured. Visit to order his FREE Georgia workers compensation “Special Reports” and to read his many articles and to watch his videos.

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