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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – What You Should Do in Case You’re Injured in a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Many individuals have witnessed it and some individuals have dealt with it, however not very many of us know what should be done when they have been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident.

If you find yourself injured in a slip-and-fall, it’s possible you could receive payment for your damages. But, prior to rushing to seek out legal counsel, it is important to be assessed by a health care professional to determine the extent of your injuries and to rule out any other less obvious injuries. Moreover, if you are injured, getting examined without delay could help to authenticate your claim should you choose to consider legal action.

If you decide to forego a physicians’ analysis, it could work against you, because you might end up being questioned with reference to the reason you’re initiating a personal injury claim if your injuries were not significant enough to get checked out.

Make sure that you complete an accident report at the moment and location of the incident. In doing so, be sure you provide information which includes precisely what transpired prior to the event, names and contact information of anybody who observed the accident, what you were doing at that time just before the incident, any and all visible injuries and any other information you find pertinent. Also, get a copy of the report. This is most important, as it will surely be difficult to obtain later. Should you not be able to complete a report at the site immediately after the accident, write down all of the details as soon as you are able. You may need to refer back to these details if legal action is taken.

If it turns out that you do have medical injuries or you expect medical treatment ongoing as a result of the incident, it may be in your greatest interest to discuss your case with a law firm that deals with slip-and-fall matters immediately. Depending on the situation, a slip-and-fall attorney could enable you to acquire reimbursement for losses and expenses associated with the accident.

In taking into consideration whether or not to carry out a personal injury claim, here are several things that can help you figure out whether or not the proprietor or owner is at fault:

    • Do you have knowledge of what very specifically caused the accident, i.e. spilled motor oil as opposed to “a slippery substance on the floor”?


    • Was your incident a direct result of negligence on the owner’s part and was the hazard something that the owner knew about or can it proved that they did?


    • Was the vicinity hazardous (i.e. spilled fluids or other materials, obstructions in the path of walking, evident dangers, lack of “Caution” signs or barricades, etc.)?


    • How could the accident have been stopped?


  • Did anyone see the incident take place?

As you you are going through all of the related information involving your lawsuit, take into account that the responsibility of all those involved will probably be looked at closely in the event legal course is taken. It is necessary that you take a sensible approach in deciding to what extent you can be held accountable for the mishap. Safety should be priority one for both yourself and the property owner.

These are simply several of the points you ought to consider after a slip-and-fall injury. Should you choose to talk to a legal professional, it is essential to select an skilled personal injury lawyer who has experience with slip-and-fall cases.

Ty Wilson is a personal injury attorney in Georgia and is dedicated to helping injured people and their families. Call his office today at 866-937-5454 to order his free book, 10 Secrets of Georgia Car Wreck Claims. This book is intended to give you and/or your loved one a solid foundation regarding Georgia auto accident claims, how to hire an attorney, and how to deal with the insurance company prior to speaking with an attorney.

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