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Atanta's Hit & Run Epidemic

Recently, in the news there seems to be a hit and run every day and some days more than one. How do hit an runs occur or why do they occur?

It is my belief with the harsher criminal penalties maybe part of the cause. Now before you get upset and stop reading, hear me out. The unforgiving nature of our criminal justice system can be rough especially if someone has been wrongfully convicted. You have seen the news it happens where someone spends decades in jail for a crime they did not commit to only later be exonerated. Well for every person you see exonerated there are more who never get cleared.

As a result of this mentality, the drivers do not think rationally they think no one is around I do not want to go to jail or go back to jail, no one is going to believe me or I am too intoxicated for anyone to believe what I think occurred. As a result they run.

Is it right, no. However they do typically turn themselves in and that is the ironic thing. They should have stayed at the scene to begin with. What we do not know when someone turns them self in at a later time, is did they need that time to destroy evidence such a sobering up. When someone turns themselves in at a later time you never hear of the charged with driving under the influence. Partially because whatever evidence was available has since been destroyed.

There are of course the ones that just think they will never get caught and they do not turn themselves in but are ultimately caught. Their self serving actions cost the tax payers and the family of the people injured greif.

Something to think about.

Ty Wilson is a personal injury attorney practicing in Atlanta and Savannah. He has written several books and offers them free in order to help educate the public on various personal injury topics. Check out Ty Wilson Law for more information.

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