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Can Tougher Licensing Laws Save Teens?

Can Tougher Laws Save Teens?

Source: CNBC

Teen drivers could be seeing a new set of obstacles when attempting to obtain their driver’s license. The delay would be backed by staggering statistics showing that teen deaths resulting from car accidents is on the rise and there seems to be no clear cut resolution to the problem. We all want our young people to be protected when driving, but there is no way to control what teens do while behind the wheel of an automobile aside from stressing the importance of being responsible while making mature decisions.Distracted teen driver

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is proposing that more restrictions on teen licensing could substantially decrease the number of deadly car crashes among teens according to a new study. Some examples of these restrictions are:

  • Increasing legal driving age to 16 or 17, cutting fatal accidents by 13 percent.
  • Prohibiting teens to drive at night could cause a 20 percent decline in deadly wrecks.
  • Prohibiting teens from driving with other teens in the vehicle, dropping fatal collisions by 21 percent.

Ann McCartt of the Insurance Institute says, “The longer parents wait for their teens to get their permit, the longer licensure is delayed, the lower the crash rates.” Perhaps Ms. McCartt is on to something here. Just because there is a minimum age for teens to obtain their learner’s permit, doesn’t mean that they necessarily should obtain it at that time.

Most states are not pushing tighter licensing restrictions, thus working against the cause. For example, in South Dakota the minimum age to receive a driver’s license is 14 years, 3 months. While some 14-year-olds may be responsible enough to get behind the wheel, there are many more who lack the focus and maturity to handle such a task. Since states aren’t doing it, maybe it’s up to parents to hold off on allowing their children to obtain their permits until their child is older and more mature.

The point here is that the U.S. has the opportunity to dramatically cut the amount of teen deaths as a result of car accidents. Passing tougher licensing laws could mean the sparing of a countless number of lives.

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