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Georgia Bicyclists Argue Against Single-File Riding Law

Georgia Bicyclists Argue Against Single-File Riding Law

Georgia bicyclist advocacy groups argued against a proposed law regarding single-file riding, and the senator proposing the bill agreed to drop it in favor of a more comprehensive bicycle safety strategy. Republican Senator Butch Miller from Gainesville had introduced a bill that would require bicyclists to ride singe-file rather than ride two-abreast, as the law currently allows. Bicycle advocacy groups quickly pointed out that this would actually be more dangerous for riders.Bicyclists Argue Against Single-File Riding LawBicyclists Argue Against Single-File Riding Law

A law passed in May 2011 requires vehicles to give a safe distance of at least three feet when passing bicyclists on the roadway. Advocacy groups like Georgia Bikes and Wheel Movement argued that drivers would actually be less inclined to allow this necessary space if bicyclists only rode singe-file. They also pointed out that cars would be less likely to see bicyclists riding single-file. Georgia law currently allows bicycle riders to ride two-abreast, or side by side, on public roads. According to Georgia Bikes and Wheel Movement, this is the safer option for Georgia cyclists.

After hearing testimony on the issue, Senator Miller agreed not to pursue the bill any further. Instead, he said he wanted to work with bicycle advocacy groups to create policy that would be safe for cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.

While it looks like Senator Miller’s original idea was not the best option for bicycle riders, I’m glad our legislators are concerned with keeping bicycle riders safe in Georgia. It’s good that the senator agreed to change his mind when all of the facts were brought to light. Bicycling is always popular in Georgia, and the number of people participating in outdoor activities understandably grows when our lovely spring weather arrives.

It’s important for the safety of everyone on our roads for vehicle drivers to be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians, and for all drivers to make sure they are familiar with the laws that keep cyclists safe. I’m glad to know that bicyclist advocacy groups are making sure that any legislation that is considered keeps the best interests of the riders in mind.

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