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Many Teens Don't Realize Risk of Drowsy Driving

Many Teens Don’t Realize Risk of Drowsy Driving

A recent study that surveyed young drivers revealed that while many teens think drunk driving is wrong, a large number reported that tired driving is OK. In actuality, drivers who are tired display many of the same driving errors that drunk drivers do.Tired While Studying

The study was performed by the National Safety Council, a non-profit education and research group. Janet Froetscher, president and CEO of the National Safety Council, said that while most drivers recognized the dangers of drinking and driving, “young people especially don’t understand the very serious risks associated with drowsy and distracted driving.”

In fact, drivers under the age of 30 are the most sleep deprived of any age group when it comes to taking long drives on the highway, according to the survey. Drunk driving accidents occur predominantly among young drivers as well, but at least more teens recognize the danger of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Distracted driving is a big danger for young drivers. Distracted driving means driving while doing something that takes attention away from the road, such as reading or sending text messages, changing music on a hand-held device, and using a GPS. Having too many passengers in the car can be distracting for a driver too, especially a new driver.

Georgia has strict laws dictating what young drivers can do while behind the wheel. While adult drivers are prohibited from sending and receiving text messages while driving, talking on hand-held phones is still allowed. Drivers under the age of 18, however, may not use cell phones at all. Drivers aged 16 to 18 are not allowed to drive late at night, and may not drive with any passengers who are not members of their family for the first six months after receiving a license.

If this National Safety Council study shows us anything, it’s that there is a great need for education about the dangers of distracted driving for teens. As adults, it is important that we set an example for our kids by not engaging in distracted driving, and by making sure we keep an open dialogue with them about safe driving habits.

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