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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Source: News release download from TSM.

May is “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month,” a national initiative aimed at getting motorists and motorcyclists to “share the road” with each other. During this time, federal, state and local highway safety, law enforcement, and motorcycle organizations join together in advocating safety in response to the yearly increases in motorcycle fatalities.

During this time, motorists and other road users are reminded to be extra alert to help keep motorists safe. These reminders are an attempt to decrease injuries and fatalities associated with crashes, and the hope is that this can be accomplished by motorists and motorcyclists simply changing some driving habits.

May is a perfect time for this safety initiative, as more and more riders are hitting the roads because of improved weather conditions. So, it is especially important for those sharing the roadway to be extra attentive. This initiative does not only focus on other motorists but also reminds motorcyclists that they have responsibilities too. They should always make sure they are visible to motorists and to obey the rules of the road, be alert, and always wear protective gear that complies with the Department of Transportation regulations.

Here are some tips for drivers to help keep motorcyclists safe on the road:

  • A motorcycle is a vehicle with all of the rights and privileges of any other motor vehicle.
  • Always allow a motorcyclist the full lane width, and never try to share a lane.
  • Perform a visual check for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or exiting a lane of traffic, and at intersections.
  • Always signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic.
  • Don’t be fooled by a flashing turn signal on a motorcycle – motorcycle signals are often not self-canceling and riders sometimes forget to turn them off. Wait to be sure the motorcycle is going to turn before you proceed.
  • Allow more following distance (three or four seconds) when behind a motorcycle so the motorcyclist has enough time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.
  • Never tailgate. In dry conditions, motorcycles can stop more quickly than cars.
  • Never drive while impaired or distracted.

Here are some tips for motorcyclists to help increase their own safety:

  • Avoid riding in poor weather conditions.
  • Wear brightly colored protective gear and DOT-compliant helmet.
  • Use turn signals for every turn or lane change, even if it appears no one will see it.
  • Combine hand signals and turn signals to draw more attention to yourself.
  • Use reflective tape and stickers to increase conspicuity.
  • Position yourself in the lane where you will be most visible to other drivers
  • Never drive while impaired or distracted.

Both motor vehicle drivers and motorcyclists have a responsiblity of keeping all road users safe, and each of us should do our part by “sharing the road.”

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