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Older-Model Ford Taurus and Mercury Sables at Risk for Throttle Issues

Older-Model Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable Sedans at Risk of Throttle Issues

Source: Associated Press on NBC Bottomline

One US government safety agency has begun an investigation into reports of throttles sticking in older-model Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable sedans. This recent study affects nearly 310,000 vehicles in the US that have four-valve, 3-liter V-6 Duratec engines. The problem is a result of a cruise-control cable collar breaking at a mounting bracket, causing the throttle to stick open according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the most recent documents, there have been no reported car accidents or injuries relating to this issue, however several complaints have been filed in the mentioned 2000 to 2003 car models. So far there have been no actual recalls until investigators can decide whether or not a recall is in order.

Ford spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel says that the company (Ford) is cooperating with investigators and performing many of their own tests to try and duplicate the issues. She also said that until they are able to gather more information and complete their testing, they cannot speculate as to what actually occurred during the reported incidents.

A similar problem with sticky accelerators was reported by the NHTSA in March in as many as 1.9 million Tauruses and Sables from the 2001 through 2006 models. Zwiebel stated that there were no recalls for that issue, and that the investigation has been closed.

Although there are currently no reported accidents or recalls resulting from this issue, it’s important to monitor the performance of your vehicle if it falls between the previously mentioned dates. Car accidents are far too common as it is, so it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent those things that can be controlled.

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest information on vehicle safety by subscribing to our blog, and let us know if you’ve been involved in an accident that may be related to this issue or issues like this.

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

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