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Study Shows Danger of Using MP3 Players while Driving

Study Shows Danger of Using MP3 Players while Driving

While the media often focuses on cell phone use while driving as one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel, that is not the only kind of distraction drivers face. A recent study shows that choosing music from a playlist on an MP3 player or other device greatly distracts drivers on the road.

A study featured recently in Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, examined the habits of 50 drivers aged 18 to 25 on a driving simulator. These drivers used an MP3 player or aftermarket controller to choose songs from a playlist. The study showed that drivers who chose songs from long playlists, consisting of 580 or more songs, were more distracted than drivers who chose their music from a shorter playlist. The drivers who chose from a longer playlist looked away from the road for longer periods of time than the other drivers, and they also looked away from the road more frequently.

“A simple task of selecting a song from a list can seduce you into looking away from the road longer than you might have intended, and long looks away from the road can kill,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison researches John Lee, in a journal news release.

The findings of this study are important, considering that 90% of new cars sold in the United States have built in connections for an MP3 player. This means that more and more drivers will be using these devices to play music in the car, increasing the number of distracted drivers out there on the road. This will be even more dangerous for drivers who have a large amount of music on their playlist, as the results of this study show.

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Multiple studies have shown that it is just as dangerous as driving drunk. If you need to use a cell phone or other electronic device, do so only when your car is stopped. Of course we all listen to music while we drive, but don’t choose your songs while you’re behind the wheel. Wait until your car is stopped, or hand off that task to one of your passengers. We can only eliminate the dangers of distracted driving if we’re willing to take the precautions necessary to make the road safer for everyone.

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