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Survey Shows Teens Underestimate Many Driving Dangers

Survey Shows Teens Underestimate Many Driving Dangers

A study released by the Texas Transportation Institute administered a survey on driving habits to high school students. The study revealed information about the risks teens take while driving, and the level of knowledge they have about how dangerous their behavior really is.

The survey revealed that many teens who engage in dangerous driving habits simply aren’t aware of the ramifications of their actions. For instance, the survey showed that while 49% of teens drive at night, only 11% are aware that there is an increased risk for being involved in an accident for teens driving at night. 43% of teens surveyed said that they frequently drove 10 mph over the speed limit, but only 1/3rd surveyed acknowledged real the dangers of speeding.

This study shows that teens simply need more education when it comes to influencing safe driving habits. That’s why the Georgia Department of Transportation is funding the Teens in the Driver Seat program, which will be available for local high schools. The program aims to educate young drivers about the actual dangers they face out there on the road.

The survey revealed some interesting facts about texting while driving. 3/4th of students surveyed reported that they recognized the dangers of texting while driving, but 1/3rd admitted they regularly engaged in the practice. This just reinforces what many prior studies have shown, that teens will still use a cell phone while driving, even when they’re aware of the dangers.

One thing the survey showed was very encouraging. 86% of drivers surveyed said they never got behind the wheel after they’d been drinking. If we can impress upon young drivers that cell phone use while driving can be as dangerous as driving drunk, hopefully the numbers of teens who text while driving will decrease. We have to help teen drivers see that texting while driving is just as serious a threat as driving drunk. Hopefully, the Teens in the Driver Seat program will decrease the number of Georgia teens who text while driving, and will encourage safe driving habits.

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