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Devastating FL Crash Involved Cobb Family

Devastating Florida Crash Involved Cobb County Family

News of the deadly and tragic pile up in Florida this past Sunday reached the entire nation. 10 people were killed and at least 18 injured when smoke and fog severely decreased visibility on I-75 near Gainesville. The tragedy hit home for Georgians as well, as five of the victims of the horrific accident were from Cobb County.

Jose Carmo, Jr., pastor of a Marietta Brazilian congregation, his wife Adriana Carmo, daughters Leticia and Lidiane, as well as Edsom and Rose Carmo were all riding in a van driven by Edsom Carmo when they were involved in the deadly crash.

The only survivor of the family was Lidiane Carmo, who remains in critical condition. Leticia and Lidiane both attended Sprayberry High School in Cobb County. Leticia was a junior and Lidiane is a freshman.

The deadly accident involved at least 12 cars and 6 tractor trailers. A nearby brush fire sent fog and smoke across the highway that made it virtually impossible for drivers to see. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the brush fire, which may have been intentional, and whether or not the highway, which had been closed earlier due to poor visibility, should have been reopened before the crash.

This is such a tragic story. We can only imagine the devastation experienced by the families and loved ones of the victims. Viewing the photos and news footage of the wreckage is chilling. We certainly hope Florida officials find the cause of the brush fire, and develop a better system for highway closure when weather or other conditions create low visibility dangers for drivers.

Our prayers and sympathy are offered to Lidiane Carmo, as well as family and friends of the Carmos. We pray for the many others whose lives have been affected by this horrible tragedy.

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