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Female Drunk Drivers on the Rise

Female Drunk Drivers on the Rise

The rate of women arrested for drunk driving is increasing, rising 36% in 2010, according to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation. The number of men being charged with Driving Under the Influence dropped 10%.

The TIRF analyzed DUI statistical data from the last 20 years to come to this conclusion. Their research also showed that women involved in fatal drunk driving accidents increased as well. Women who are arrested for DUI, according to TIRF, are older and better educated than men arrested for driving under the influence.

Such a large increase in women’s drunk driving raises many questions. Why are more women drinking and driving? According to a AAA survey of residents from Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, 66% of people think men are more likely to drink and drive. Public perception of drunk driving by gender is obviously skewed from the reality of the facts.

The AAA survey experts posited several reasons for the increase. Perhaps it is the growing number of bars and clubs that cater to women with drink specials and women only happy hours. Some say now there is a greater social acceptance of women drinking. The increase in female drunk drivers could be due to the fact that physiologically, women process alcohol differently than men, but many people may not realize this is the case. In fact, the AAA study found that 30% of respondents did not think this was the case.

Ultimately, if you are the victim of a drunk driving crash, it does not matter if the driver responsible was a man or a woman. When anyone chooses to drink and get behind the wheel of a car, they can cause devastating injuries and death to themselves and others. I am glad to see studies like these in the news raising awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

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