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Gainesville Wreck Kills Two

Two people in a small vehicle were killed early Tuesday morning in a tragic collision with a tractor-trailer near the Purina Mills plant in Gainesville, Georgia.

According to police, a small car struck the cab of the tractor-trailer, which ignited its fuel tank and started a fire that burned for hours. Neither the type of car involved, nor the two passengers inside it who were killed, have been identified at this time. The driver of the tractor-trailer was able to exit his vehicle moments before the explosion occurred.

Police believe that speed was a factor in the high-impact crash. The two vehicles were driving in the same direction when the tractor-trailer attempted to make a right hand turn into a Purina Mills warehouse. The small car collided with the truck’s cab, and ended up stuck beneath the truck. When police arrived at the scene, both vehicles were engulfed in flames.

The tractor-trailer was carrying dog food, which continued to burn for several hours until emergency personnel finally extinguished the fire. A smoky haze could be seen over much of Gainesville.

This tragic accident, which took the lives of two people, will require an extensive police investigation. Questions will have to be answered about how exactly the collision occurred, and who may have been at fault. Not to mention the extensive clean up that will have to take place at the Purina plant, with a fire of that magnitude completely destroying the vehicles involved.

Our sympathy goes out to the families and friends of those lost in the accident.

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