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Midtown Bar Sued for DUI Crash Death

According to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on, a lawsuit has been brought against a Midtown bar that employed the waitress who drove drunk and crashed into a Governor’s Office intern in 2010.

The intern, Jordan Griner, 24 at the time, was killed on June 19, 2010 after the wreck caused by Christa Scott who ran a red light at West Peachtree and 17th Street shortly after leaving work at Door 44.

Per the lawsuit, Scott was doing free “shift shots” before leaving the bar at approximately 4:00 a.m. Her blood alcohol level was .229, which is almost three times the legal .08 limit. Scott pled guilty to DUI and wrongful death in October and was sentenced to five years in prison and five years probation.

The parents of Jordan Griner are asking for $1 millon plus legal, medical and burial expenses based on Door 44 providing Scott the alcohol and then allowing her leave the establishment in her vehicle. According to the suit, the Griners say that Door 44 management was responsible for the death of their son because they continued to serve Scott drinks even though she was noticeably drunk and they either knew or “should have known” that she would be driving to her condo on Lenox Road after leaving the bar. See more about the Dram Shop Act.

On the night that he was killed, Griner was the designated driver for friends and other interns that were celebrating the end of their government fellowships and a new fellowship for Griner. He was driving home to Atlantic Station after dropping his friends when his car was hit by Scott’s.

Our sympathies remain with Jordan Griner’s parents, his other family members and friends as they continue to mourn his loss after his senseless and tragic passing.

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