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Chemical Spill at Covington Water Treatment Plant Injures Worker

Chemical Spill at Covington Water Treatment Plant Injures Worker

According to an article on, a hydrogen peroxide spill at a water treatment plant in Covington, Georgia last week caused one worker to sustain chemical burns to his ankles and feet. Hazmat teams joined the Covington Fire Department to ensure the spill was cleaned up properly.

The spill occurred when an employee lost control of a forklift while moving hydrogen peroxide containers. The hydrogen peroxide was a 35% concentration. Hydrogen peroxide that you can purchase from the drug store is usually about a 3% concentration. The hazmat crews watered down the hydrogen peroxide to dispose of it.

It is not uncommon for workers to suffer on the job injuries from dangerous chemicals. These injuries can occur as the result of inhalation of dangerous dust or silica, exposure to lead, or, as in the case of the injured worker at the water treatment plant, chemical burns on the skin.

There are strict rules in place for dealing with hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Employers are required to train employees on the correct way to handle dangerous chemicals, and ensure that hazardous materials are securely stored.

Workers compensation is available in Georgia for employees who become injured by dangerous chemicals. Sometimes, symptoms appear rapidly after exposure to toxic material. Other times, a worker may not realize he or she is injured until after prolonged exposure.

If you think you have become ill as the result of being exposed to hazardous chemicals, you must notify your employer right away. If you wait too long to report your injury or illness, you might lose your ability to pursue a workers compensation claim. If you have been injured by exposure to hazardous chemicals at work, either by inhalation or contact with the skin, you owe it to yourself and to your family to seek proper medical treatment. Pursued properly, a workers compensation claim will provide you with medical treatment at no cost to you, and will also compensate you for a portion of your lost wages.

It can be difficult to pursue a workers compensation claim on your own in Georgia. The laws can be confusing, and missing certain deadlines may cause your claim to become invalid. You should consult an injury attorney right away to assist you with your claim.

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