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Trucking Company Behind Fatal Crash has a History of Safety Problems

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on, CW Transport LLC, the Atlanta company involved in the tragic accident last week that killed an 8-year-old boy and injured two others, ranks among the worst in the country for vehicle maintenance violations. According to federal records, out of 18 inspections in the past two years, 17 trucks were found to have violations. Vehicles were taken off of the road as a result of 6 of those inspections.

The fatal accident that occurred on I-20 last week was caused when transmission parts fell off of a tractor trailer and flew across the median of the highway. The large debris crashed through the windshield of an SUV driven by Jameka Malone, injuring her and killing 8-year-old Cameron McIlwain, who was in the backseat.

Not only does CW Transport have a deplorable maintenance record, but it also has a worse driving record than two-thirds of other companies its size. The company ranks worse than 67.5% of similar companies when it comes to safe driving. However, CW Transport does not have a history of accidents involving injuries or fatalities.

Companies are required to inspect vehicles before and after each trip, according to Guy Young, vice president and safety director of non-profit Georgia Motor Trucking Association. However, Young said that a problem with the transmission, as in last week’s accident, would not necessarily be found in a routine inspection. It can be argued, though, that for a company with a maintenance record worse than 94.6% of companies like it, CW Transport should be taking extra care when it comes to vehicle maintenance, going above and beyond to make sure its trucks are safe.

It is truly shocking to find out how terrible this company ranks compared to others like it. Of course it begs the question, if CW Transport’s trucks were properly maintained, would this accident have occurred at all? Perhaps a cursory pre- or post-trip inspection wouldn’t have caught the transmission problem, but with such a terrible record, you have to wonder if better maintenance would have prevented the problem in the first place.

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