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Suspect in Union City Hit and Run Released on Bond

Fulton County, Georgia resident, Latara Patrice Worthy, was struck and killed in the early morning hours last Sunday, February 19, as she walked along the road. Jamonta Leon Smith, 20, turned himself in for the hit-and-run accident, but according to police, the investigation is still ongoing.

Ms. Worthy was a middle school teacher and mother of a one-year-old daughter. She was only two weeks away from receiving her master’s degree, and was celebrating her upcoming 30th birthday with friends the night she died. According to news reports, Ms. Worthy got out of a car at South Fulton Parkway east of the intersection of Mason Road, less than a mile from her home. She was in the road when she was struck and killed.

Mr. Smith told police that he knew he hit something on the road, but when he stopped his car to check, he didn’t see anything and continued home. He later turned himself in after seeing news reports of Ms. Worthy’s death. Mr. Smith was charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and failing to render aid, and has since been released on bond.

The investigation continues, according to police, and authorities are unsure why Ms. Worthy was on the roadway.

I absolutely hate to hear of tragic accidents like this. Ms. Worthy’s family and friends have lost a wife, mother, and teacher in this terrible accident. The police must investigate all aspects of this case, as the driver who hit Ms. Worthy is facing very serious charges. They will have to investigate the accident scene and interview all witnesses to make sure they have all the information available about what really happened. No matter what the outcome of the investigation, this is unquestionably a terrible loss for Ms. Worthy’s loved ones.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Worthy’s family, friends and students. I hope the police investigation can answer some of their questions and bring closure to this terrible situation.

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